"Moana and the legendary sea" depicting the adventure of a girl chosen to the sea Japanese version preliminary notice lifting

Disney movie by Ron Clements and John Masker of "Little Mermaid" "Aladdin"Moana and the legendary sea"Japanese notice of Japan was released.

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Goddess of life of life that brought the world Te · Fiti

That "heart" is stolen, and darkness is born in the world.

On a south island forbidden to go out of the ocean for 1000 years, Tara grandma conveys the legend of the island.

Moana, a curious girl in the legend.

Moana is "a girl chosen as the sea", so you can communicate with the ocean.

"Anna and the Queen of the Snow" "Zootopia" Disney movie latest work

Over time, Moana grew up.

Spreading darkness

Moana will leave the island to protect the loved ones from the dark.

But the journey is exactly "adventure". It is not easy.

Maui I met on a trip. It is a legendary hero.

High rocky mountain


A forgery hole ... ....

Moana in a crisis

Maui fights "God's fishing hook" in hand

Sea speaking to Moana blaming yourself

And Tara Granny will support it.

"Ocean and the world are too big for me"

I also visit a world that I have not seen in adventure.

"But I want to keep a small happiness"

Moana can protect people, the island.

In this new trailer, various Moana expressions are drawn than before.

"Moana and the legendary sea" is a subtitle super version and a Japanese dub version, and it is a national road show on March 10, 2017 (Friday).

· Work information
Director: Ron Clements & John Masker
Production: Osnut Schuller
Executive Production: John Lasseter
Distribution: Walt Disney · Japan
© 2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

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