The legendary hero 'Maui' and a Disney movie 'Moana' trailer for a girl going adventure seeking a legendary island

Along with the legendary hero of the half-god halfman "Maui", the hero's girl ·MoanaDisney 's latest animation work adventuring on the seas of the ancient South Pacific Oceania "Moana(Moana) 'latest teaser image has been released.

Moana Official US Teaser Trailer - YouTube

"Have you heard of who Maui is? It is a legendary hero of the half-god half, all the islands of the Pacific are his."

"He's a big hook in his hand ... ..."

"We can stop the movement of the sun"

"In some cases, I also hook a needle to the island and raise it out of the sea."

"And also fighting huge monsters"

"And then I am that Maui" It is Maui. It has a nice body and long hair, and tattoos are carved throughout the body.

Maui dances the dance to the sound of the drum. I showed off a sharp and intense dance ... ...

The girl who was watching this is "Pocahn". This girl is the heroine of this work, it is Disney's new princess "Moana · Wai Aliki".

"No response" I do not know what to do ... "Maui will be at a loss. It is exactly what makes us feel the expansion of the Disney royal road.

Playing the voice of Maui, one of the protagonists, is known by the ring name of "The Rock" and appears in the movies "Scorpion King" and "Wild Speed" seriesDwayne Johnson.

Maui will travel with Moana on adventure.

One of the heroines Moana is played by Aurie Clavallo living in Oahu, Hawaii. She is a genuine princess story that she was selected as a Moana role in the audition from among thousands at the age of 14.

In Disney's tweet, the movie was showing the state when Aurie Clavallo was chosen as Moana. From around 1 minute 10 seconds, Mr. John Musker and Mr. Ron Clements who served as director of the work, "This is not a lie, I want you to play the voice of Moana," explode the joy The state is contained.

The story of this work is that Moana goes on a journey to find a legendary island with Maui.

The sea of ​​emerald blue is opened wide ......

Huge sea turtle sweeps inside the ocean. Characters like the baby shown here are ......?

The story is drawn on the beautiful sea setting.

Beyond the children who cling to the sail of the ship ... ...

The appearance of dolphins swimming while jumping the water surface.

If you think that the hands that Maui holds glow blue ......

What a big bird it turned into. Expectations will unfold how adventure it is.

The movie "Moana" is a work produced with the same staff as "Queen of Anna and Snow" and "Zootopia", as described above, the director of the work is in charge of Mr. John Masker and Mr. Ron Clementz. By saying that it is a work by a powerful staff member, there is no choice but to expect further hope.

"Moana" is open to the public on November 23, 2016 in the United States. Publication in Japan is scheduled around the beginning of 2017.

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