Why does no original voice actors take a role in the movie "DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION"?

The whole voice actors to dub the movie "DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION" into Japanese will be different from the original anime. We can't judge this as a good news or a bad news, but at least the movie gradually seems to take on an different aspect as a "spin-out", not "adaption", which every "Dragon Ball" fan is thinking of.

Those who were looking forward to the Japanese version of the movie will be disappointed what with original voice actress Masako Nozawa not taking a role in the movie. But there still will be some rising voice actresses, Aya Hirano of "Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" or Ami Koshimizu, famous for being Horo in "Spice and Wolf".

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(Japanese)Aya Hirano and Ami Koshimizu take a roll in dubbing "DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION"

The article revealed voice actors to dub the "DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION". Here's some list.

Goku:Kappei Yamaguchi
Piccolo:Hochu Otuka
Roushi:Tsutomu Isobe
Bulm:Aya Hirano
Chi Chi:Ami Koshimizu
Mai:Yuko Kaida
Gohan:Hiroya Ishimaru
Yamcha:Hisao Egawa
Narration:Mami Koyama

Mami Koyama is rather an interesting choice. She wasn't in the original anime but took a role in the author Akira Toriyama's debut volume "Dr.Slump". Hope this choice will light the movie.

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