SOFTBANK MOBILE launches "White Student Discount with Family" with basic usage fee of 490 yen

SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp. has announced that it will start a new campaign titled "White Student Associated with Family" for a limited time with a basic monthly charge of "White Plan" of 490 yen for student users and their families.

Apparently it looks like a campaign for the entrance season but it is very reasonable price setting.

Details are as follows.
Monthly basic monthly charge of students and their families to 490 yen for 3 years!
"White Student Discount with Family" began selling

According to this release, SOFTBANK MOBILE will start "White Student Discount with Family" as a limited-time campaign from February 3 (Tue) to March 31 (Tue) 2009.

"White Student Discount with Family" means that the basic usage fee of the "White Plan" for student users and their families will be 490 yen per month for 3 years from the application (37 months), Softbank It is necessary to join 3G service new contract and "White family 24".

In addition, student users who subscribe are supposed to be able to use "content school discount club" which collected a large number of popular contents to students such as "Tada Melody" "Tadakomi" "Tada Books", Chaku-Uta etc. by communication charges only.

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