Is live-action movie version "Dragon ball" another dimension? Akira Toriyama officially commented

On the official page of the live-action film "DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION" scheduled to be released on Friday, March 13,Akira ToriyamaIt has become clear that the comment on it is posted.

Dubbed voice actor is renewed from animation versionAlthough it is the same work that many elements of the movie origin are, such as, what is the original author thinking? It may be a reference for appreciation.

the detail is right below.

According to Akira Toriyama's comment by the original author published in the newly released movie on the official page, apparently it may be correct to appreciate "DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION" as another dimension "new dragon ball".

I am worried about a sentence "Perhaps it might become a masterpiece with the power of the site!" What kind of content will it be? It may be interesting to compare the difference with the original.

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