A world record running with fire on myself updated by a nurse

It seems that the world record of acts not normally done is updated unless it is a job like a stuntman that puts fire on my body and runs.

It is so dangerous that you have to run fire-resistant equipment as many times as you need to run, so please do not manage it.

Details are as below.
Keith Malcolm, a Scottish nurse who updated the record. He put gasoline on himself and put a fire, he ran through 259 feet (about 78 meters) beyond the previous record of 227 feet (about 69 meters).

Malcolm who runs with fire.

Wear protective clothing consisting of 8 layers and 4 layers of fireproof underwear. In addition, it seems that it was a challenge to wear a fire-resistant jacket of F-1 and three overall over, wearing three fire hoods and a helmet.

The challenge recommends goodness of agriculture and country lifeAlton & North East Hampshire Agricultural ShowIt took place in.

Malcolm used a heat-resistant gel to prevent burning called "stunt gel", and the fire was said to have not been injured by the fire. Malcolm is a member of the Hampshire fire brigade and he said he joined the show for the purpose of obtaining funds for cancer research.

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