Jump into a pool with a depth of 30 cm from the height of 10 meters 79 cm and update the world record

Darren Taylor, a diver with excellent dive technique and also called "professor splash", updated his world record. It was updated that it was a dive record to a shallow water depth, and it seems that he succeeded in jumping into a pool with a water depth of 30 cm from a height of 10 meters 79 cm.

Details are as below. The movie that shoots in a jump is the following link.
VIDEO: Shallow Dive Record Broken | KALB - News 5, Alexandria LA

Darren Taylor's dive is a leisure park in Colorado "Water worldIt was made as part of the promotion of the new attraction "ribbon splashing" that was made.

There is also a movie where Mr. Darren's appearance can be seen.
Splash Jump into 12 inches of water from 35 feet tower

Although the pool we jumped in was only deep enough to allow the baby to show her face, Mr. Darren successfully jumped in. According to Mr. Darren, the trick of diving is that it "jumps across the surface of the water" at the moment when it comes into contact with water. Furthermore, it adds that "experience and research" is the key to the success of dive, and never said that diving is not easy.

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