Internal photograph of a bag of kangaroos in which a baby under nursing is inside

Kangaroo makes childcare with abdominal bags, but the inside of the bag was taken by wildlife photographer.

It is quite difficult to put the camera inside the child-raising bag, but it seems that shooting was possible because it was a kangaroo that has become familiar with humans.

Details are as below.Please be careful for those who do not like being a little grotesque photos.
Roo's that in there? The astonishing image of a baby kangaroo taken from INSIDE its mother's pouch | Mail Online

Kangaroo baby 25 weeks before going out from the bag. A sharp nail gives a bit scary atmosphere.

This mother Kangaroo who allowed him to put the camera inside the bag despite childcare was brought up by researchers at the start national park after their parents were killed by their cars. I returned to the wild several years ago, but I came back to the research center one day and showed me the gesture of licking the bag which is the sign that I gave birth. The trust of mother kangaroo people is strong, and photographer Jason Edwards was able to shoot in bags.

Edwards lied on the ground and waited for the kangaroo to come closer and put the camera in the bag according to the researcher 's pursuit. It seems that the inside of the bag was dark, so it was taken with the flash burning. A series of pictures of SydneyAustralian Center for PhotographyIt is said that it is on display.

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