Tomoko Ninonomiya, "Nodame Cantabile" author, is hospitalized due to acute appendicitis, "Nodame Cantabile" is closed

Comics cumulatively exceeded 28 million copies, television animation made into live-action drama into two, furthermore that drama has been decided as a movie, and the broadcast of the third period of animation has also been decided, such as Kodansha'sKissThe popularity of the manga "Nodame Cantabile" serialized in this article does not know where to stay. But,Kodansha Comic Plus NewsAccording to "Nodame Cantabile" authorTomoko NinomiyaHe was hospitalized because of acute appendicitis (cecum).

At Kiss 12 now on sale, it was forecasted that "Nodame Cantabile" was published at Kiss No. 13 (released on June 25), but unfortunately it seems that it will be closed.

Details are as below.
Apology of "Nodame Cantabile" closed holiday

According to Kodansha's announcement, Mr. Ninomiya said that he had been writing steadily for the deadline, sudden abdominal pain and high fever hit him and he was diagnosed as acute appendicitis in the hospital. The symptoms already advanced considerably, so it was necessary to take a hospital treatment and it was said that "Nodame Cantabile LESSON: 132" which was scheduled to be posted in Kiss 13 issue was interrupted.

I often see announcements "I will take a break from the author due to a sudden illness" in a manga magazine, but there are cases where the author is not informed of what sickness actually is and the next week is posted safely It seems that it was indeed a serious condition.

I would like to wait slowly for the recovery of Professor Ninomiya and the revival of "Nodame Cantabile".

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