To what a completion of that "Zero no Tsukaima" Continuing volume publication decision, the story of Ruiz and talent finally gets to the finale

"Although it is an outrageous writer's book" Zero no Tsukaima ", the plot from Yamaguchi sensei of the bedside to the completion was left behind.It was being entrusted to the editorial department from Professor Yamaguchi.The death of Professor Yamaguchi We also received words from our fellow customers who wanted to wrap the continuation one after another and also received words from the bereaved families that we want them to be completed.At this time, The official website has been updated by saying "I will report everyone on the publication of the devil" Continuous Volume. "

MF Bunko J "Familiar of Zero"

『ゼロの使い魔』シリーズ続巻刊行のご報告 << MF文庫J編集部ブログ

At the top of the official website is written "Zero no Tsukaima continued publication decision!", In which the link "From the Editorial Department to the Familiar of Zero of the Zero" is placed, The content for the completion of this time is written.

From the editorial department | MF Bunka J "Familiar of Zero"

Particularly noteworthy is the message from former editor in the MF Bunko J, talking about Mr. Yamaguchinoboru who was the hospital bed creator, "I want somebody to complete the plot so that I can complete it," and said, "One month before my death On March 5, when I made a meeting to raise the degree of completeness of the plot, I was asked to entrust the writing of the subsequent volume to the candidate suggested by the editorial department. "The whole sentence is as follows It is getting.

The first volume of 'Zero no Tsukaima' by Dr. Yamaguchinoboru was published on June 25, 2004. "Zero" became a reputation quickly after release, and eventually it became a hit movie representative of light novel as you all know.
I was foretelling that Mr. Yamaguchi himself will be completed with the remaining two volumes in 20th after the latest volume of "Zero no Tsukaima" which is the latest volume until now, but the writing of the continuation volume by the person himself does not come true .

Even after Mr. Yamaguchi found out that he was afflicted with the disease, he was doing his utmost to fight against the disease, wanting to continue with zero.
However, in the harsh life that repeatedly consumes physical strength despite vigorous treatment, one day I started talking about having someone to complete it because I commit plot.
And, on March 5, one month before my death, when I had a meeting to raise the degree of completeness of the plot, I was asked to entrust the proposal from the editorial department to write the continuation volume.

From that, as early as the 2nd day passed.
In the meantime, as everyday we received a voice calling for the publication of the second volume as well as from Japan and abroad.
We also wanted to realize Mr. Yamaguchi's wish as soon as possible, but it took a considerable amount of time to overcome the great loss and to create a system to keep big pieces.
It is now finally possible to report to the fans that the preparations for the continuation of "Zero no Tsukaima" began. We will still have time before actual publication, but please wait for a while now. I think there are various opinions, but please warmly watch over us, so there is nothing to be thankful for this. Thank you from your heart without permission.

The details of the important part such as who you entrusted to, when it will be completed, whether animation will also continue, etc. are still unpublished yet, but in this too20 volumesFinally, the story which had stopped has started to move toward the finale which was supposed to be the remaining two volumes in the schedule.

2015/06/26 11:29 Addendum
According to the release received from KADOKAWA Co., Ltd., the official site of "Zero no Tsukaima" will be accompanied by comments from people deeply friends with Mr. Yamaguchinoboru who is the author, as well as explanation of the circumstances of the subsequent volume publication, The chronology surrounding the Temple of Fame ", the data of the display panel" Zero no tsukaimar seen from the ground "released at the" MF B Collection 10th Anniversary Summer School Festival "held in 2012 will be released from time to time ... apparently ...

In addition, the notice of this upcoming decision was made public at 22 o'clock on June 25, 2015, but why is it on June 25? The first volume of "Zero no Tsukaima" Volume 1 was released was " Because it is "June 25, 2004".

In addition, the following illustration for continued volume publication is based on Mr. Aizi Hakazuka, illustrator of "Zero no Tsukaima".

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Finally "Zero no Tsukaima" Volume 21 will be released on February 25, 2016, Cover Illustration Prior to Release - GIGAZINE

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