Calories, carbohydrates, preservatives have become zero "Mitsuya Cider all zero" tasting review

Various kinds of calorie-free products have been issued by carbonated beverages and soft drinks, but "Mitsuya Cider all zero" which made calories, carbohydrates and preservatives zero from Mitsuya Cider was released as follows It was. I was pulled by the word "polished all zero" and I bought it for it at a convenience store.

Details are as below.
Asahi Beverage | Product Information | Mitsuya Cider

The label is based on blue, and it is transparent so that the contents can be seen as much as possible.

There is no "Grape sugar fructose liquid sugar" used for various processed foods.

Originally Mitsuya Cider did not use the preservative, so the change in all zero is where we made calories and carbohydrates zero.

Everything from energy to carbohydrates.

The cap is blue.

I poured it into a glass. It is colorless transparent as usual as usual.

When calorie zero is reached, when the carbohydrate becomes zero, it will be sweetened with artificial sweetener such as sucralose, so it tends to become a taste with a bit of afterglow inevitably but in "Mitsuya Cider all zero" artificial sweetener Whether the quantity is small or fewer Eggs, I kept a sense of exhilaration like Mitsuya Cider. It may be the point that "fructose" was contained instead of "glucose fructose liquid sugar". It is a wonderful thing that realizes zero calorie and carbohydrate without dropping the quality of the taste while the products that care about calories are lined up. I would like other items to appear more and more from other people.

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