Sports drink "Gatorade" tasting review featuring lightning mark

The sports drink "Gatorade" with a red lightning bolt in the center of the label made a new dress, so I immediately bought it and tried drinking. Previously it was a design that was based on green, but this time there is a red lightning in the black ground and the color of the drink is yellow and it has become a very conspicuous coloring in the shelf.

Review from below.

It is a slim bottle, but its content is 500 ml.

In addition to raw materials familiar to soft drinks such as sugar, fructose dextrose and sugar, sugar and maltodextrin such as digestion and absorption better than starch are contained.

Somehow the table of nutrition in English. 26 kcal per 100 ml, sodium 48 mg.

Not only labels but also caps are included in caps.

The taste is probably not changed so much, it tastes like a fiber drink like a light oranges taste. There is no sticky sweetness, it feels like seasoned water.

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