The world's first camera exhibited in Macao, China

It is said that the camera that was the world's first thing was exhibited at the museum exhibition on the invention of photographs held in Macao, China.

In modern times, it is a camera that became familiar enough to be digitized and incorporated into a mobile phone, but how was the camera used at the time?

Details are as below.
World's first camera on display in Macao_English_ Xinhua

Cameras were exhibited at the event "The Invention of Photography and the Earliest Photographs of Macao, China (the invention of photography and early pictures in Macau)" to be held until August 23, The Niepce Museum and the Macau Museum cooperate. By borrowing from other British and American cultural groups and collectors, 250 antiques on 180 photos and photos were gathered and displayed.

The first camera in the world to be exhibited at the Macau Museum.

After French Joseph · Nisefol · Nieps invented photographs to fix the image by light, photography technology came to Macau through Macao. It seems that the first picture in China is thought to be taken in Macau in 1844.

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