The same face-ridden village where twins have 220 pairs

The probability that twins are born is not very high, but it seems that the village full of the same face that there are 220 pairs of twins out of 2000 families is in India. It seems to be a pain to distinguish neighbors, but will it become unworthy if you get used to it?

Details are as below.
Twin town: The Indian village where there are 220 sets of twins has doctors baffled | Mail Online

In Kodinhi village of Kerala state, it seems that twins of world average is about 6 times twins are born, and the doctors are trying to unravel the mystery of the high twin birth rate.

Kodinhi village where twins are full.

In 2008, Kodinhi village was born in 300 people, of which 15 pairs and 30 people were twins. 60 pairs of twins have been born in the past 5 years, but the probability that twins will be born year by year is increasing. Krishnan Sribiju doctor, who is doing research in Kodinhi village for 2 years, seems to think that 220 pairs of twins are only official records because actual twin fertility rate is higher.

78 pairs of twins and their parents.

The twins are said to be born in a healthy body, especially with no problems with the body.

If the mother is older, there is a tendency that the probability of twin generation is high, but in Kodinhi village a young woman is producing twins. In addition, although the average height of twins-borne mothers is generally about 160 cm or more and there are many tall people, women in Kodinhi village have an average height of about 152 cm.

"To the best of my knowledge, this phenomenon has started from 60 to 70 years ago, because there are no facilities for detailed analysis, it is not possible to explain the reason for many twins, but villagers eat and drink I am thinking that something that is caused by what I am thinking is the cause, "says Sribiju doctor. It seems that he thinks that if the cause of twin's birth can be ascertained it can be used for infertility treatment.

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