Why is the Dutch whom the world's tallest height stature is tall?

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The average height of the Dutch is about 182 cm, which is the tallest in the world, but the average height of the Dutch people 150 years ago was about 165 cm. Even in the world, the rapid growth of the average height of the Dutchman is unprecedented, but Dr. Gert Stulp himself, a Dutch citizen and a couple of meters tall, We are doing research to unravel.

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Currently the average height is the highest in the world in the Netherlands, but the average height of the Dutch at that time in 1860 was about 165 cm, at that time Americans were about 6.85 cm high. Although it is a Dutch whose average height has been extended by 20 cm in about 150 years, the question of why only the Dutch alone was able to increase the average height quickly has been studied by scientists for many years but the cause is known Is not ...

According to the latest research published by Dr. Stulp, evolution by "natural selection" encouraged the growth of the average height of the Dutchman I understand that there is a possibility.

Dr. Stulp's research is based on the established medical database in the Netherlands "LifeLinesThe database uses a large amount of Dutch familiesGene profileAnd a huge amount of data including medical history. Dr. Stulp's research team analyzed the data of 42,212 men and women aged 45 or over from the database. As a result of investigating the height of the subject and the number of children, we found that the female with a height higher than the average height has a higher fertility rate and survival rate for children. Specifically, if the person is 160 cm tall, the average number of children is 2.15 people, and for men of 185 cm tall, it seems to be 2.39 people. This trend has continued for 35 years.

On the other hand, women tend to have more children than average height, but tall women have a high descendant survival rate, although they have a long period of childbirth. The research team originally analyzed the data thought that the economic and educational environmental factors are increasing the average height, but as I examine the data of the subjects, "height of height" and " NumberIt is related to progeny of offspringIt seems that it turned out to be understood.

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Due to the relationship between 'height of height' and 'number of children', Dr. Stulp thought that genes are related. When people grow up under the same circumstances, some people may have genetic variation and their height may be higher than others, but Dr. Stulp is aware of the fact that the Dutch may be tall I could not identify it. In the Netherlands, there are some factors that make it both high and stretched for both men and women to be advantageous for producing many children, "Dr. Stulp predicts" The high height of the Dutch is selected by natural selection " I will. The research team is planning to analyze data on further parent's height and number of children.

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