Mummies of cats 400 years ago from the walls of the bathroom are found in perfect preservation

It seems that a cat mummy of nearly perfect preserved state was found in the wall of the bathroom. This mummy is thought to be over 400 years ago, it seems to have been thought that it was installed for evil.

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Funeral director finds 400 - year - old cat |

Richard Persson living in the UK seems to have found a cat's mummy seen 400 years ago from the wall of the house bathroom. The mummy was very preserved and almost complete. According to Dr. Marion Gibson of the University of Exeter, there seemed to be an era when cat mummies were placed in order not to bring witches, bad guys, misfortunes and rogues closer to each other, and the cat mummies discovered this time were also installed to prevent evil spirits It seems to be thought that it is.

This is a cat's mummy and person

According to his neighbor Devon, the former owner seems to have discovered this mummy 20 years ago, but he seems to have returned. Mr. Richard decided to return the cat's mummy as it was the previous owner.

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