Domino pizza launched and dismissed on YouTube that a store clerk topping the cheese put in his nose

In Australia 's domino pizza, it seems that it has become fired after publishing a movie that is sipping sandwiches to a sandwich with salads blown with cheese and farts nuzzled by men and women in clerks on YouTube. I think that this pizza is properly disposed of in the store and not offered to customers, but it seems that the pizza was tricked too much indeed.

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This time Mike and Christy employees Domino Pizza posted the movies playful in the kitchen to YouTube. They said that they wanted to take notice but filmed a movie and posted it to YouTube.

The movie that caused the following problems
YouTube - Disgusting Dominos People

This is Christie

Michael. I thrust something into my nose ...

What crowded into my nose was cheese for topping.

I put the cheese in a sandwich without throwing it away

I do not know exactly, but it looks like it's sprinkling brim

I do not quite understand it in the movie, but it seems he was spraying farts ......

Christy said that there was an email of apology, but Domino Pizza who confirmed the movie decided to dismiss two people. The affected franchise store accused Michael and Christie, and Domino Pizza spokesperson Tim McKinthair also considered legal measures including civil action against two who significantly hurt the image of Domino Pizza Mention that it is. I also comment that I would like to consider such things from happening again in the future.

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