Spicy, rich flavored Kentucky "Aged Tamari Soy Sauce Chicken" Tasting Review

Somehow recentlyKentucky Fried ChickenAlthough I did not issue a new product but I examined what it is going on, I was overlooked because I was too busy but in fact it turned out that a new product was out at the end of March, so rush to rush It was. The new product was "Aged Tamari Tamari Soy Sauce Chicken", it was pretty rich in seasoning.

Details are as below.
Ripe soy sauce chicken, one 260 yen. Prices may vary depending on the region.

I got out of the bag. It seems that a considerable amount of spice is used.

When eating, do not take out of the bag, cut off the upper half of the bag from perforations and eat.

The smell of mixed soy sauce and spice (especially Shichigi) appetizes quite appetizing. Rich soy sauce tasteOnigiri crackerI feel like it. The clothes are pretty elaborate and can be eaten as snacks without chicken. However, since there are considerable variations in spices, if you think that there are places that are not painful at all, I think that the tongue will stabilize if it is a little better because there is a place where the tongue gets a little ginseng. Clothes are mostly crispy but there is also a part that has been soaked with oil and it is best to eat fried freshly.

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