Drinking coffee before exercise reduces muscle pain

Recent research shows that if you drink 2 or 3 cups of cup of coffee before exercising, your muscle pain will ease.

This is caused by caffeine, not only those who constantly take caffeine, such as drinking coffee from usual, but even people who do not usually take caffeine normally do the same There was that.

In other words, even if you continue to take caffeine habitually, there will be no such thing that the effect will gradually weaken.

Details are as below.
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In conclusion, in theory, caffeine seems to be able to relieve muscle pain by blocking the activity of chemical substances called adenosine. Because adenosine is a substance that can activate pain receptors in somatic cells, muscle pain is alleviated if adenosine can be blocked.

According to Robert W. Motl, Chief Researcher at the University of Illinois and professor of exercise science and community medicine, this discovery makes it possible to have a safe way of exercising without muscle pain, furthermore pain, etc. It is said that it may be possible to continue exercises without interruption due to the cause. In other words, even people who do not usually exercise usually can exercise without much worrying about muscle pain.

In addition, as a rule of thumb, it has been known for some time that cyclists and others have known that muscle pain after exercise is relieved by ingesting caffeine by drinking coffee or the like before exercise, why the pain It seems that I did not know the system as to whether it would be less.

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