Test bed for injection of chopper "Road Hopper" that can be bought with new items

The movie of 1969Easy rider"The chopper which was remodeled to the characteristic style appearing in" the chopper ". Proto's "Road hopper"Was produced as a completely new car that produced frames and tanks from scratch instead of remodeling, and although the appearance is a retro custom, the detailed mechanism is a modern, easy-to-enjoy chopper.

New production stopped for a while because of renovation by strengthening regulations on exhaust gasTokyo Motorcycle Show 2009At the booth, an injection type test car was exhibited to improve environmental performance.

Details are below.
Road Hopper Road Hopper

A custom called Chopper originally originates in the remodeling of a motorcycle that a soldier who has been recruited from the Second World War began riding with his hobby taking advantage of the maintenance experience of the military vehicle maintenance. Chop is the beginning of cutting down parts that are not necessary for driving, such as large windshields and fenders, from my military bike for paying off to "my choice" and making it my favorite style. After cutting mainframe. A large scale remodeling such as welding again was done and the current style has become established.

Vehicles that are the base are various and inHonda's CB 750 as a chopperThere are also, the largest number is America ·Harley-DavidsonCustom from a motorcycle company. However, if you make it from a new car it will cost you remodeling costs that are not inexpensive in addition to vehicle costs, and you will need a great deal of preparation to possess such as you will need various procedures to pass vehicle inspections.

The road hopper is equipped with an "evolution" engine supplied by Harley Davidson and sold as a completely new car so there is no need for procedural expenses or remodeling costs.Main unit price is 2,680,000 yenAlthough it seems not to be cheap, it can not be said that it is reasonable considering that the price of the new car Harley is about 2 million yen.

Proto's booth

Test vehicles for injection

"Evolution"engine. The engine which appeared in 1984 greatly evolved from the "shovel head" of the previous generation and saved the management crisis of Harley Davidson company.

Although it is hard to say that it is modern as a performance, Springer fork which is often seen as equipment that gives a retro feeling.

Contrary to the fork, the brake is a modern disc brake. I often see a drum brake for a retro style custom, but there is no plan to line up.

A rigid frame with no suspension that is common in old bikes. In the case of a new car, cost is expensive because it requires frame cutting and welding.

It became the basis of designZero engineeringHarley Davidson's custom car by

Horizontal description

The test air-fuel ratio meter which is set on the rear.injectionA system that injects fuel automatically according to the movement of the engine and sends it to the engine. It is characterized by being able to improve the combustion efficiency because the injection amount can be controlled properly than the conventional carburetor.

The measurement result is displayed on the indicator mounted on the steering wheel

Injection control device. Although the power does not come out unless the ratio of the injected fuel and air (air-fuel ratio) is inappropriate, the proper air-fuel ratio varies depending on various conditions such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and engine speed. This conditioning is called a mapping, but it is said that it is packing this now.

We loaded the same evolution engineHarley's 30th anniversary commemoration modelAnd the sports star series with a small displacement a little, injection is adopted, but Proto will inject it independently. Originally because there is no mechanism for injection, it seems that it started from a truly basic problem such as where to take the injection timing. Also, since there are many customers who purchase on the premise that they ride from custom, it seems that taking a margin to make it difficult for the performance to drop off if you do a little bit is a major problem in development .

The match mark written in magic and the character of "test".

The mufflerCatalyzerS will be built in. Although it is enough to clear the regulation by injection alone, it is necessary to increase the custom margin.

Handle around.

Volume of fire. Rotate left to make it darker

The fuel hose stretches from the bottom of the tank ... ...

Connected to the fuel pump on the left side of the frame

Layout that fuel is sent from the opposite side of normal.ManifoldAnd the harness handling will be stuffed from now.

Currently it is mainly on the dynamo test, development seems to be progressing as planned for the fall of 2009 release.

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