I will dissect the macho bike "Japan Yamaha · VMAX" which was born to the back of the back

PreviousMoto Gutzy V 7 ClassicAlthough it is also the case, the renewal of the old model has recently become more numerous, and this Yamaha · VMAX is one of them. OriginallyIt was released to foreign countries in 1985, Although it is a model that gained popularity in the country later, beforeHeadlineAs I reported, however, I was born again as a complete new model. This new VMAX will be released on April 20Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2009Since it was exhibited at the Yamaha booth 's booth, I have observed every corner.

Details are below.
The Yamaha booth looks like this.

You can see the air intake which takes in the air from the front, which is the biggest feature of VMax.

From the rear. Although it is made up of curves, it is a powerful design that is too extensive to call it flowing. It is reminiscent of the muscles of the shoulder, especially where the air intake was excited.

I feel that the fixing of the engine and the frame is carried out considerably carefully.

Discovered a cutaway model that cuts a part of the mechanism and sees the inside.

Drive shaft connection part of the rear wheel.

The muffler has fibrous filling for silencing. It seems to be double, triple, not just a pipe.

Electrical components covered with a huge heat sink under the rear seat. It is located far away to avoid engine heat.

Connection part of the drive shaft and the engine that transmits power of the engine. A tremendously heavy spring tells the magnitude of power.

Alternator. This is a mechanism to rotate and generate electricity when you start the engine.

Rear side cylinder.

It is better to say that you put the engine on the engine rather than loading the engine on the car body.

This is a model customized by the company's parts, which was exhibited at the Y's Gear booth next door. Air intake plating well matches the black body.

Anyway, regardless of where you look, the feeling of metal wall thickness is supposed to be amazing, it seems that the macho of old model has doubled. It is catchy enough to see that various generations of people are straddling by a single unit that is popular anyhow in the booth anyway, but it is not so much whether there are bikes that are similar to others. I think the motorcycle that the word "going my way" matches so well is not quite right.

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