Top 100 university ranking employment ranking announcement, "JTB group" comprehensive systematic, "Sony" science comprehensive ranks first

"University student finding employment popular companies ranking" which surveyed about the graduation planners of 2010 was announced. Top 100 companies have been announced in the literature rankings (comprehensive · boys · girls) and the science ranking (comprehensive · boys · girls), and the ranking fluctuation greatly occurred compared with the previous year.

In particular, the breakthrough is seen in the service · railway · energy · food industry, which shows that elements such as stability feeling and top ranking influence the ranking.

Ranking of liberal arts comprehension and science comprehension is from the following
"JTB group" consolidated for the second year in a row, "Sony" recapture for the first time in 6 years
~ With the change of the adoption market, students' enterprise selection point is also "stable", "emphasis on industry" ~

Student ranking survey of university students finding employment (10 graduates): My comi

Popular company rankingGrammar (synthesis)It is like this.

1st place: JTB Group
Second place: Shiseido
3rd place: ANA (All Nippon Airways)
4th place: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
5th place: JAL (Japan Airlines)
6th: Benesse Corporation
7th place: Oriental Land
8th place: JR East Japan (East Japan Railway Company)
9th place: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
10th place: Suntory
11th place: Fuji Television Vision
12th place: HI, Es
13th place: Mizuho Financial Group
14th: ITOCHU Corporation
15th: JR Tokai (Tokai Railway)
16th place: Kodansha
16th place: Shueisha
18th: Toyota Motor Corporation
19th place: Dentsu
20th: Nomura Securities
21st: Panasonic
22nd: Nissin Foods
23rd place: Sony
24th: Hakuhodo / Hakuhodo DY Media Partners
25th: Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance
26th place: Ajinomoto
27th place: Sekisui House
27th place: Mitsubishi Corp.
29th: NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
30th place: Meiji Seika
31st: NTT DoCoMo
32nd place: Kinki Nippon Tourist
33rd place: Mitsui & Co.
34th place: Shogakkan
35th place: Sumitomo Corporation
36th place: Sharp
37th place: Asato di Kay
38th place: Kagome
38th place: Kadokawa Shoten
40th: Toho
41th: Takashimaya
42nd place: Lotte
Ranked # 43: Canon
44th place: General Insurance Japan
45th place: Daiwa Securities Group Inc.
46th place: BANDAI
47th place: Daiwa House Industry
48th place: Ezaki Guriko
48th: International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
50th place: MIKI HOUSE
51st: Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
52th: Japan Post Group
53th place: Isetan
54th: Japan Institute for Japanese Literature Education
Ranked # 55: Dai Nippon Printing
56th: Kanebo cosmetics
57th: Asahi Shimbun
58th: Nitori
59th: Toyota Tsusho
60th: Leopalace 21
61st: Kao
61st: JR West (West Japan Railway Company)
Ranked # 63: Mizuno
64th: Asahi Breweries
64th: UNIQLO
66th: Kansai Electric Power Co.
67th: ANA Sales
67th: TV Asahi
67th: Marubeni
70th place: Chubu Electric Power Company
71th place: Kose
72nd: Nippon Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
73th place: Wacoal
74th place: Kirin Brewery
75th place: Sekisui Heim Group
76th: TEPCO
77th: Recruitment
78th: Toppan Printing
78th: Japan travel
78th: Mitsukan Group
81st: JR Kyushu (Kyushu Railway Company)
82nd place: Takeda Pharmaceutical Industry
Rank 83: Asahi Beverage
83th: ASICS
85th: Yomiuri Shimbun
86th place: TBS TV
86th place: Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.
88th: Nintendo
89th: Orvis
90th: Central publication
90th place: Morinaga
92nd place: Hankyu Hanshin Department Store
93th place: Nippon Television Network
94th: Shogakukan Shueisha Productions
95th: Imperial Hotel
96th: Resona Group
97th place: TAKAMI BRIDAL (Takami)
98th: Toshiba
98th: Everyday Communications
100th place: Honda Motor Co.

On the other hand,Science (general)It is like this.

1st place: Sony
2nd place: Panasonic
3rd place: Shiseido
4th: Suntory
5th place: Ajinomoto
6th place: Sharp
7th: Toyota Motor Corporation
8th: Asahi Kasei Group
9th: Canon
10th place: Kagome
11th place: Honda Motor Co.
11th place: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
13th place: Toshiba
14th: JR East (East Japan Railway Company)
15th: Hitachi, Ltd.
16th place: JR Tokai (Tokai Railway)
17th place: Takeda Pharmaceutical Industry
18th: Kao
19th: ANA (All Nippon Airways)
19th: NTT DATA
21st: Nissin Foods
22nd place: Meiji Seika
23rd place: NEC (NEC)
24th place: Sekisui House
25th: Astellas Pharma
26th: NTT DoCoMo
27th place: Kirin Beer
28th: ​​NEC Soft
28th: ​​TEPCO
30th place: Denso
31st: Japan I ME
32nd place: Kyowa Hakko Kirin
33rd place: Queepie
33rd place: Taisei Corporation
35th place: Sumitomo Forestry
36th: JAL (Japan Airlines)
37th place: Takenaka Corporation
37th: Nomura Research Institute
39th place: Asahi Breweries
40th: Mitsukan Group
41th: Fuji Television Vision
42nd place: Otsuka Pharmaceutical
42th: Meiji Dairies
44th: Fujitsu
45th place: Daiwa House Industry
46th: Kajima Corporation
46th: Kansai Electric Power Co.
48th: P & amp; G
49th: Toray
50th place: Kanebo cosmetics
51th place: Ezaki Glico
51st: Fuji Film
53rd place: Kawasaki Heavy Industries
53th place: Kose
55th: Daiichi Sankyo
56th: Takii seedling
57th: Nissan Motor
57th place: Lotte
59th: One Article Construction Store
59th: Teijin Group
59th: Mitsubishi Electric
59th: Morinaga confection
No. 63: Yakult Honkan
64th: NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
65th: Eisai
66th: Calpis
67th place: Mazda
68th: Mitsubishi Chemical
69th place: Chubu Electric Power Company
69th: Nomura Securities
69th: Panasonic Electric Works
72 th: Microsoft
73th place: Asahi Beverages
73th place: Nintendo
75th place: Shimizu Corporation
75th place: Sumitomo Chemical
75th place: Nippon Kinken
78th place: Mitsubishi Corp.
79th: House Foods
79th place: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
81st: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
81st: Olympus Group
81st place: KDDI
84th: Kyushu Electric Power Co.
Ranking # 85: Obayashi Corporation
85th: Sakata's seed
85th: Nippon Steel Corporation
88th: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
88th: Rohto Pharmaceutical
90th place: JR West Japan (West Japan Railway Company)
90th place: Tsumura
92nd place: Mitsui Chemicals
92nd place: Morinaga Milk
94th place: Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
95th place: Kyocera
95th: Taisho Pharmaceutical
95th: Dai Nippon Printing
95th place: Mitsui & Co.
99th position: IHI
99th place: Yahoo

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