Google announces top 30 in the domestic keyword search ranking in 2007

Google announced ranking which totaled keywords searched today in 2007. Between January 1st and December 15th 2007, the keywords searched on Google's Japanese search site are compiled, and in addition to the top 30 in the overall ranking, entertainment works (TV drama , The top 20 of movies, games, manga), as well as the top 20 of celebrities (top 10 by gender).

So, the ranking of the search you are interested in is as follows.
Total ranking top 30
First place: Yahoo (Yahoo, Yahoo Japan)
Second place: YouTube (YouTube)
3rd place: mixi (Mixi)
4th place: amazon (Amazon)
5th place: 2ch (2channel)
6th: Nico Nico Douga (Nico Nico)
7th place: Rakuten
8th place: wiki (wikipedia, wikipedia)
9th: Map
10th place: Weather (weather forecast)
11th: goo
12th: msn
13th place: docomo (docomo)
14th place: ANA
15th: JAL
16th: Price .com (
17th: Brain manufacturer
18th: au
19th: Translation
20th: Dictionary
21th: Dell
22nd place: GyaO
23rd place: zip code
24th: Hotmail
25th: NHK
26th place: JR
27th place: Gmail
28 th place: post office
29th: GourNavi
30th place: Jalan

Top 20 of entertainment works (TV drama, movies, games, manga)
1st place: Boys Over Boys 2 (Boys Over Flowers)
Second place: Higurashi crypta
3rd place: Lucky Star
4th place: Ainori
5th place: Masked Rider Den-O
6th place: Dragon ball
7th place: Fudan volcano
8th: Brilliant family
9th place: Lyer game
10th place: How about Wednesday?
11th place: love sky
12th: To Hanazakariken you guys
13th: Transformers
14th place: LOST
15th: Labyrinth of world tree
16th place: Nodame Cantabile
17th place: Gekiranger
18th place: Arai Club
19th: Proposal Battle
20th: Large Japanese

Top 20 celebrities
1st place: Shoko Nakagawa (Shokotan)
Second place: Sawajiri Erika
3rd place: Miku Hatsune
4th: Leah Dizon
5th place: Yoshio Kojima
6th place: YUI
7th place: Yui Aragaki
8th place: Masami Nagasawa
9th place: AAA
10th place: Miwasa Asao
11th place: Wakatsuki Chinatsu
12th place: Ai Iijima
13th: Ai Otsuka
14th: Aki Hoshino
15th place: Kobukuro
16th place: Saeco
17th place: Ayumi Hamasaki
18th place: Aoi Miyazaki
19th: Shun Oguri
20th place: Kumi Koda

Top 10 female celebrities
1st place: Shoko Nakagawa (Shokotan)
Second place: Sawajiri Erika
3rd place: Miku Hatsune
4th: Leah Dizon
5th place: YUI
6th place: Yui Aragaki
7th place: Masami Nagasawa
8th place: AAA
9th place: Miwa Asao
10th place: Wakatsuki Chinatsu

Top 10 male celebrities
First place: Yoshio Kojima
Second place: AAA
3rd place: Kobukuro
4th place: Shun Oguri
5th place: Arashi
6th place: Masaharu Fukuyama
7th place: Sōyoh Takaoka
8th place: Toshi Ikuta
9th place: BUMP OF CHICKEN
10th place: GLAY

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