The most valuable brand in the world is Apple, other top 100 brands look like this

The world's largest branding company founded in London, UK in 1974InterbrandHowever, every year we do "Best Global BrandsThe 2014 version of "The Fiscal Year" was released. Interbrand's brand value evaluation is the world's first standard for monetary value measurement that was certified to ISO, and ranked by converting the monetary value of brands active worldwide into real numbers. So, everyone ranked in various brands ranging from brands you've heard once to amazing brands.

2014 - Best Global Brands - Interbrand

First and second are Apple and Google, Huawei ranked 94th for the first time as a Chinese company.

◆ First place: Apple 118.863 billion dollars (about 12 trillion 700 million yen)

◆ Second place: Google 107,439 million dollars (about 11.5 trillion yen)

◆ 3rd place: Coca-Cola $ 81,563 million (about 8 trillion and 720 billion yen)

◆ 4th: IBM $ 72,244 million (about 7,730 billion yen)

◆ 5th: Microsoft $ 61, 544 million (about 6.54 trillion yen)

◆ 6th: GE 45.48 billion dollars (about 4.8 trillion yen)

◆ 7th: Samsung 45.462 billion dollars (about 4.8 trillion yen)

◆ 8th: Toyota 42,392 million dollars (about 4,550 billion yen)

◆ 9th: McDonald's $ 42.254 billion (about 4.52 trillion yen)

◆ 10th: Mercedes · Benz 34,338 million dollars (about 3.7 trillion yen)

◆ 11th: BMW 34.214 billion dollars (about 3.6 trillion yen)

◆ 12th: Intel 34.153 billion dollars (about 3.65 trillion yen)

◆ 13th: Disney 32.223 billion dollars (about 3,450 billion yen)

◆ 14th: Cisco 30.936 billion dollars (about 3.3 trillion yen)

◆ 15th: Amazon 29.478 billion dollars (about 3.1 trillion yen)

◆ 16th: Oracle 25.98 billion dollars (about 2.7 trillion yen)

◆ 17th: HP 23.758 billion dollars (about 2.4 trillion yen)

◆ 18th: Gillette 22.845 billion dollars (about 2.4 trillion yen)

◆ 19th: LOUIS VUITTON 22.552 billion dollars (about 2.1 trillion yen)

◆ 20th: HONDA 21.673 billion dollars (about 2.3 trillion yen)

Other brands ranked below 20th are as follows.

21st place:H & M
22nd place:Nike
23rd place:American Express
24th place:PEPSI
25th place:SAP
26th place:IKEA
27th place:UPS
28th place:EBay
29th place:Facebook
30th place:Pampers
31st place:Volkswagen
32nd place:Kellogg
33rd place:HSBC
34th place:Budweiser
35th place:J. P. Morgan
36th place:ZARA
37th place:Canon
38th place:Nescafe
39th place:Ford
40th place:Hyundai
42nd place:Philips
Rank 43:L'Oreal
44th place:Accenture
45th place:Audi
46th place:Hermes
47th place:Goldman Sachs
48th place:Citibank
49th place:Siemens
50th place:Colgate
52nd place:Sony
53rd place:AXA
54th place:Nestle
Ranked # 55:Allianz
56th place:Nissan
57th place:Thomson Reuters
58th place:Cartier
59th place:Adidas
60th place:Porsche
62nd place:Fuji Xerox
63rd place:Morgan Stanley
64th place:Panasonic
65th place:shell
66th place:3M
67th place:Discovery channel
68th place:Kentucky Fried Chicken
69th place:Visa
70th place:PRADA
71th place:Tiffany & amp;
72nd place:Sprite
73th place:Burberry
74th place:Kia
75th place:Santander
76th place:Starbucks
Rank 77:Adobe
78th place:Johnson & Johnson
79th place:John Deere
80th place:MTV
81 th place:DHL
82th place:Chevrolet
Rank 83:Ralph Lauren
84th place:DURACELL
Rank 85:Jack Daniel
87th place:Harley-Davidson
88th place:MasterCard
89th place:Kleenex
90th place:SMIRNOFF
91th place:Land Rover
92nd place:FedEx
93th place:Corona
94th place:Huawei
95th place:Heineken
96th place:Pizza hut
97th place:HUGO BOSS
98th place:Nokia
99th place:GAP
100th place:Nintendo

Incidentally,Top 100 brands in the world in 2006Compared with the latest ranking, I am surprised by the difference.

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