Two superior parking lots will play arrests with two Dutch wives and adults playing

I think that there are also men who have experienced murmuring in the street without knowing the meaning, but it seems that a man who was unable to endure such a desire and started masturbating using Dutch wife at a super parking lot was arrested .

Let's see what kind of situation the site was.

Details are from the following.
Blow-up Doll Party - February 5, 2009

The man arrested this time is George Bartusek (51 years old) living in Florida. George Bartusek suspected the 1998 Lincoln Town Car on February 4PublixParked in the nearest place from the supermarket's parking lot shop, he said he started kissing aggressively against Dutch wife who was in the car there. After that, he continued to act obnoxiously, he said that he started masturbating using two Dutch wives. An employee who saw the situation informed the police and George Bartusek suspected that he was arrested.

This is George Bartusek suspect

George Bartusek car suspects were on board

The back seat looks something like this

Police report on this case

George Bartusek suspected that he was wearing a short pants with a hole in his crotch during arrest, and he said he was out of pants. George Bartusek suspects came to Publix to buy doll 's clothes, but the motive is unknown why the masturbation came.

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