How is the firearm seized in Iraq dispose?

Mr. Obama has won in the presidential election in the United States, and the movement to withdraw US troops from Iraq is getting stronger, but the US troops in Iraq continue to control bases of extremist groups, Every day I seize a considerable amount of weapons.

These seized weapons are destroyed and discarded by the non-governmental organization IMCO (Iraq Mine and Unexploded Ammo Removing Organization) because they are at risk of being discharged to other conflict areas when they are left unattended.

The state of disposal is as follows.
Reuters AlertNet - A weapon is destroyed on a machine by a worker of the Mine / Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Clearance Organization in Baghdad

Small firearm which is accumulated and waits for disposal. There are things that are bursting whether they were buried in the soil to hide.

AK rifle applied to cutting machine using hydraulic press

Weapons that have fallen apart are stacked in this way in this way

An officer checking a weapon that has been disconnected

Besides discarding it, there is also a unique reuse method like this

Iraqis turning guns, mortars into works of art

Works by graduate students of Baghdad Art University. I removed the stock and gave sculpture.

It is said that the theme is "to change the tool for destruction to the symbol of peace".

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