OpenAI removes the phrase ``prohibited from use for military/war purposes'' from ChatGPT's policy

It has been revealed that OpenAI made a policy change on January 10, 2024, and deleted a sentence that clearly states that use for military and war purposes is prohibited.

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OpenAI Quietly Deletes Ban on Using ChatGPT for “Military and Warfare”

OpenAI's policy no longer explicitly bans the use of its technology for 'military and warfare'

According to the news site The Intercept, until January 10, 2024, ChatGPT's policy prohibits 'weapons development' and use for 'military/war purposes' as 'high-risk physical activities.' About.

Even after the policy change, the clause 'Do not use our services to cause harm to yourself or others' remains, which prohibits 'the development or use of weapons', but 'for military or war purposes'. There is no longer any wording that completely prohibits its use.

'We aimed to create universal principles that are easy to remember and apply,' OpenAI spokesperson Niko Felix told The Intercept. 'Our tools are now capable of building GPTs. Used by ordinary users worldwide.Principles like ``Do no harm to others'' are broad, yet easily grasped, and relevant in many contexts. As specific examples, he cited the development and use of weapons and harm to others.'

Felix declined to say whether 'harm' includes all military uses, but added, 'Including those by the military, 'weapons development and use, harming others, destruction of property, We do not permit the use of our technology for ``unauthorized activities that violate the security of services or systems.''

In addition, Felix said in an interview with the news site Engadget, ``There are national security use cases that align with our mission. We are developing new cybersecurity tools to protect open source software that is currently being used.It was unclear whether these useful use cases would qualify as ``military purposes'' under previous policy.Purpose of policy change is intended to provide clarity and the ability to have these discussions.'

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