The cell phone exploded and the neck artery was cut off and the man died

According to the report, after the mobile phone of this 20-year-old man exploded, the artery of his neck was cut and died.

He was exchanging with a new battery at the cell phone shop before the death, he seemed to have put the cell phone in his breast pocket because it just finished charging, and the explosion was awful, the floor after he collapsed was in the blood ocean It seems to be in such a state.

Details are as below.
Man killed by 'exploding mobile phone' - Times Online

The incident occurred in the city of Guangzhou, China, around 7:30 pm on January 30, 2009. When an employee at this shop rushed to pick up the bomb sound, he was already bloody and died, he said the employee witnessed that he just changed the battery at the shop for the mobile phone that the deceased man had It is said that there is a high possibility that the battery and the mobile phone exploded. Chinese police still have not announced the model of this mobile phone and the formal model number of the battery, but because there is the possibility of counterfeited fake, it is being investigated.

According to a local report in China, this is the ninth cell phone explosion accident in China since 2002. Both mobile phone makers Motorola and Nokia believe that the batteries of the cell phones that exploded in the past were counterfeit, and urge attention.

The points to be careful not to explode cell phones are as follows.

· Always use original batteries (in short, genuine parts guaranteed by manufacturers)
· Do not modify mobile phones
· Always use the original charger
· Do not leave the mobile phone in a place exposed to direct sunlight at high temperature
· Do not call long
· Do not talk during charging
Put in bags and bags, not in pockets
· Do not use damaged batteries

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