Samsung's Galaxy S suddenly exploded and the surroundings burned around the battery part

Samsung's Android smartphone "Galaxy S" suddenly exploded, revealing that accidents burning the surroundings occurred.

삼성 '갤럭시 S' 배터리 폭발

According to a report made in South Korea, a man was watching TV at home of a 31-year-old man living in Gyeonggi-dochogawa-shi around 3 to 4 am on June 26, and the Galaxy S suddenly started sparking.

Subsequently, with a plosive sound, a large bulging battery was exposed from the inside, and the bedding on the bed where the battery was attached and the main body was placed also burnt. In addition, it is said that damage was found only in the vicinity of the battery part on the back of the main body, there was no damage on the front and so on.

The man purchased Galaxy S body last October and said that he used it without any abnormality so far, and at the time of the explosion, the cell phone was removed from the charger and the comment that the remaining battery level was about half was said. Fortunately, the man was injured.

Samsung Electronics who received the report of the accident collected and inspected the main body on 27th, but problems and abnormalities caused by the main body of the phone and the inside of the battery were not confirmed, but X-rays and CT scans As a result of using and analyzing, it turned out that there was a peck to be seen before the accident in the minus pole part at the top of the battery.

According to the disassembly of the batteries examined, when the inside of the battery case and the base material of the minus pole part touched, it short-circuited and it seems that fever has occurred, the Samsung electronic representative commented. In addition to compensating the user based on the company's internal regulations in the future, he says that it is a policy to investigate the cause of the fire more precisely.

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