The timing of the replacement arrives, or the old CRT TV ignition accident successively

Replacement of cathode ray tube TVs with liquid crystal televisions and the like is proceeding with the issuance of the government's eco point and the complete transition to terrestrial digital broadcasting on July 24, 2011, but due to the successive ignition accidents of old CRT televisions It became clear that there was.

Apparently the more you use it over the long term, the more the risk of accidents will increase, so it may be good to think about people who are using old CRT televisions thinking about replacement.

Details are as below.
(PDF file)Accident prevention due to aged deterioration of CRT television (alerted)

According to the data published by the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE), among the 25,322 cases of serious product accident information and non-critical product accident finished investigations by FY2008 - FY2010, deterioration due to aging Analysis of 698 product accidents that are estimated to be the most common cause of accidents at CRT televisions accounts for about 15% (105 cases) of the total.

This largely exceeds the number of electric fans (62 cases), bathtub (55 cases), oil water heater (33 cases), gas water heater (30 cases), and the following accidents are occurring.

October 7, 2007 (Fukuoka)
(Accident details)
Suddenly the smoke went up from the TV he was watching and sparked.
(Cause of accident)
By long-term use (about 20 years), insulation deterioration occurs in the high-voltage coil portion of the flyback transformer, the windings of the coil wound in layers are short-circuited (shortened), heat is generated and the insulating resin is vaporized and fly It is estimated that the internal pressure of the back transformer rises and cracks occur in the outer case, and the gas generated inside is jetted out.

December 23, 2007 (Aichi)
(Accident details)
When I turned on the switch of the product, it sounded and smoked, and when I looked inside, I saw a flame and extinguished it.
(Cause of accident)
The cause of the accident is presumed to have caused smoke and ignition due to deterioration of high pressure parts (flyback transformer) due to long-term use and accumulation of dust inside the product.

June 30, 2005 (Aichi)
(Accident details)
I smoke from the living room TV and a part of the TV stand burned.
(Cause of accident)
It is estimated that the solder cracks etc. of the board occurred due to long-term use (about 14 years), the battery was discharged, part of the substrate was carbonized and burned.

Of the 105 accidents presumed to be caused by aged deterioration of CRT televisions, 73 cases, which is about 70%, are due to the breakdown of parts called "flyback transformer", and products based on aged flyback transformer Accidents will increase from around 10 years after the start of use.

In response to this analysis, NITE says, "There is a possibility that a CRT TV may cause an ignition accident due to aged deterioration," and consumers who use CRT televisions for a long time, in order to prevent accidents, If symptoms are found, turn off the power switch, unplug the power plug from the outlet, and recommend contacting the dealer or manufacturer you purchased.

Even when you turn on the power switch, there is no video or sound.
Even when the power switch is turned off, images and sounds do not disappear.
Upside down or left and right images are missing and appear.
Pictures are continuously flickering and shake.
It smells strange smoke or smoke.
Jersey, crackling sounds like abnormal sounds.
Water and foreign matter entered inside.
The power cord has scratches or tears.

In other words, if the reflection of CRT TVs that have been in use for a long time becomes strange or you feel unusual, is it better to change them without trying to keep using forcibly ...?

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