Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announces the accident that iPod nano exploded

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry told in GIGAZINE previouslyAccident of Apple's iPod nano explodingI announced.

This is to be announced according to the law in the event of a serious accident about consumer goods, details of the accident are clarified.

Details are as below.
(PDF file)About publication concerning serious product accident of consumer products

According to this press release, it is reported that Apple's iPod nano overheated and sparked during charging as an accident related to products other than gas appliances and petroleum products, suspected of being caused by products .

This occurred in Kanagawa Prefecture on January 8 this year, the report received by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on March 7, the model number is "MA 099 J / A" of the 2 GB model released in 2005 . Apparently it seems to be completely consistent with the case we covered in GIGAZINE before.

Although it is about the cause of the accident which is worrisome, it is said that it is under investigation.

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