A Flash application that allows you to create your own "inversion trial" "Tsukurou! Inversion trial"

Popular game set in Capcom's courtroom "Ace AttorneyA flash application has been released that allows you to create a courtroom part of yourself as you like. Usage is free, and you can embed episodes you create on your own blog as well as publish on the page.

It is quite common that there is no overworking feeling at all, it has been built quite a bit, and it is a quality that seems to be "I think that it will become a product as it is?"

An example of what you can actually create and a commentary on how to use it are below.
Tsukurou! Ace Attorney

The created work is published on the following page.

Latest work list

What can actually be created is easy to understand what Capcom created below.

Title of work "Tsukurou! Inversion trials "

Below is the tutorial page.

CAPCOM: Tsukurou! Inversion trial tutorial

In addition, in order to use this "Tsukurou! Inversion Trial", ID of Dalette is required, and it can be obtained free of charge from the following.


When you access the page, enter necessary items, click the bottom button

A confirmation screen appears, so click "Register" if there is no problem

Because e-mail with the subject "Notice of e-mail address confirmation from daletto" arrives at your e-mail address, click the address in the text

When registration is completed click the button on the lower side

Click "Tsukurou!"

After entering the Dalette ID and password acquired earlier, click the bottom button

Click "From the beginning"

Enter the title and click "OK"

You can decide who will appear here

It can also be omitted

Click "Decide" when you decide

This is the main screen. For each scene, you can set actions, flash, sound effects and tremors

The effect of the entire court is flexible

All you can do with a mallet

BGM can also be played

Various actions. You can check it on the preview screen at the top immediately

There are lots of familiar sound effects

It is possible to use the shake of the screen effectively

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