Without waiting for 2011, a region where analog broadcasting will prevail next year will appear

Based on the complete transition of terrestrial digital broadcasting on July 24, 2011, from July 24 thNHK began to constantly display "analog" logo on analog broadcastingWe talked with GIGAZINE, but it seems that there will be areas where analog broadcasts will end next year without waiting for 2011.

Although it is an incredible story to the least, what on earth is it exactly?

Details are as follows.
NHK news Analog broadcast leading end selection location

According to this article, in accordance with the complete transition to terrestrial digital broadcasting on July 24, 2011, in order to confirm in advance what kind of influence will be caused by the termination of analog broadcasting, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications It is said that it will end in some areas earlier.

Then, we selected about 3 areas with 5000 households scale and will do "rehearsal" to terminate the analog broadcasting actually next summer.

We have not decided the area where the rehearsal is still finished yet, but if you end up ahead of time, will you also distribute simple tuners that can watch terrestrial digital broadcasting on analog TV even in the area? I am wondering what kind of effect actually occurs.

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