A message will be sent to urge the transition to digital broadcasting to the black frame part of analog TV

Toward the end of analog broadcasting on July 24, 2011,Television stations each decided to introduce "black belt (letter box)" on the screen of analog broadcasting in MarchIt was officially announced that a message prompting transition to a digital broadcast compatible TV will be displayed at the letterbox part at last.

Details are as below.

About subtitles to inform you of the end of analog broadcasting

According to NHK's announcement, due to the fact that the digitization of terrestrial broadcasting and satellite broadcasting remains until about one year, the transition to digital broadcasting can be smoothly made to viewers using analog television In order to prompt it, it seems to display announcement by subtitle supermarket on the letterbox (black frame) part of analog broadcasting (general TV and satellite 2).

The subtitle supermarket display will start from 13th July, and announcements prompting the early transition to digital broadcasting and the inquiries will be displayed at the beginning of each program.

This is the image of subtitle super display.

As the date of complete transition approaches, will subtitle supermarkets always come to flow ...?

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