One year and four months until the end, television stations to introduce "black belt" on analog broadcasting screen

It is about 1 year and 4 months remaining until the end of the analog broadcasting on July 24, 2011, but it became clear that each broadcasting station intends to introduce "black belt" on analog broadcasting screen .

Previously, the word "analog" was only displayed on the upper right of the screen, but because of introduction of new measures, broadcasting becomes difficult to see on many analog televisions, so it will be a further form of encouraging transition.

Details are as below. (Asahi Shimbun): Analog TV, black band above and below screen All time from July - Business · Economics

Current affairs dot com: Changing the ratio of analog screen = Digital correspondence, upper and lower "black belt" -NHK

According to the reports of the Asahi Shimbun and Jitsugyo Shimbun, NHK and commercial companies have agreed to introduce a black band called "Letterbox" above and below analog broadcasting.

Currently, for analog television adopting the 4: 3 screen, it is being broadcast in the form of cutting both ends of the digital broadcast screen being broadcasted at 16: 9, but black By inserting a band, it will become possible to watch the same 16: 9 program as digital TV even on 4: 3 analog TV.

Display example of digital broadcasting. The ratio is 16: 9.

If it is an analog TV, the left and right are cut and it is broadcasting at 4: 3.

Analog television after letterbox introduction. Although it is displayed at 16: 9, the display area becomes smaller by inserting black bands at the top and bottom of the screen, and guidance to the effect that the analog broadcasting will end is displayed on the black belt.

NHK will introduce a letterbox from March 29 on most of the programs except terrestrial analog broadcasting comprehensive television, educational TV, BS analog broadcasting satellite first and second news and live broadcast, and NTV series It is said that introduction will start from April, and it is expected that it will start in all broadcasting stations in July.

By the way, what will happen to a wide television that supports analog broadcasting ...?

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