Crocs of popular sandals banned at British hospital

Plastic sandals with good reputation comfort "CrocsIt seems that static electricity is likely to occur when you wear, and it seems likely that you will be prohibited from wearing in a hospital in the UK, taking into account the impact on medical equipment.

Details are as below.
Hospital bans Crocs shoes over static risk - Telegraph

Crocs sandals are comfortable to wear and they seem to have used it especially because they do not get tired even if they stand for a long time. However, at least 3 device failures occurred in several months at Blekinge Hospital in Sweden and it was prohibited to wear crocs.

Because of this, static electricity generated by Crocs sandals is thought to be strong enough to hurt mechanical ventilation equipment and medical equipment in the operating room, and is expected to prohibit Sheftfield University Hospital in South Yorkshire from wearing in the hospital, The hospital seems to be banned accordingly.

A hospital spokesperson warns that "Although it has not been hurt yet, it is better to watch out because it generates a lot of static electricity."

It is not yet banned at Japanese hospitals, but accidents that are wearing crocs and get caught up in escalators40 reports have been reported since May this yearIt seems that you should be careful for those you love.

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