There is concern about the massive occurrence of "Wii Knee" which is "Tennis Elbow"

Although this year's Christmas gift is also popular Wii, there is a healthy image in the game to move the body, trauma cases such as fractures and sprains have been reported during play, and among experts accident by Wii during this New Year's holiday There seems to be concern about massive occurrence of.

Details are as below.Doctors fear a Wii knee epidemic - Telegraph

Too much tennis or golfing in computer games may be bad for your health. The doctor warns that it will lead to injuries if a person with shortage of exercise plays for a long time in the wrong way of using it will lead to injuries.

Last year it was reported that osteopathologists increased back pain and back pain after Christmas, and it was said that fathers are trying to compete with their children with Wii. Researchers at the Leeds Teaching Hospital in the United Kingdom (Leeds University Hospital) are observing a case called "Wii knee (Wii knee)".

The British Society for Surgery of the Hand (BSSH: British Hand Surgical Society) also reported an increase in injuries due to overwork of Wii. She is a plastic surgeon and hand surgeon and BSSH member Dr. Richard Milner said that he will have more patients at Christmas. "During this week I was playing a tennis game with Wii, there was a female patient whose finger broke my partner's controller hitting the back of the hand."

Doy Andre Coley, a pediatrician at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, says that getting involved in newly acquired toys and playing for too long will lead to injuries. "Even though I also hurt my body trying to take a service ace at Wii tennis, there were some patients with symptoms similar to those at that time.This patient got a Wii at Christmas though it was not enough exercise until then It seems I got it. "

Lack of exercise is an enemy of health, but sudden exercise seems to be dangerous. When giving Wii to Christmas gifts, it may be a good idea to accompany a word to pay attention to too much attention.

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