"Tough Guy Challenge 2009" to decide the toughest human being in the world

It is said that "Tough Guy Challenge 2009" which decides the toughest person in the world most physically and mentally was done in the place of Wolverhampton in England. Not only men but also women participated in this event. This race needs to overcome 21 obstacles including muddy lumps, cold water, tightrope walks and so on, and among the thousands of participants, there are hundreds who drop off due to fracture, dislocation and hypothermia It was said that even in the race, even the winner needed treatment after the race.

Let's see what "Tough Guy Challenge 2009" is like.

Pictures are as follows.
A man desperately advancing in a swamp

I have taken a foot in intense muddy

It goes under the barbed wire

Of course it also enters the water.

Run through the burning land

Men who have dressed like this are desperate

It is not triathlon level

You can see other pictures from below.
Tough Guy Challenge 2009 - The Big Picture - Boston.com

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