A thousand yen can be done in a little Easy to take 3D photographs by handmade

What to prepare1: two disposable cameras, 2: gum tape, 3: scissors (optional). This seems to be able to take pleasant 3D photographs that seem to jump out in three dimensions. Three-dimensional pictures are not easy to see if you do not grab a knack, try hard to see it and try to look at it so much that the head gets painful, together with a method to easily view the pictures stereoscopically for those who say To do.

Details are as below.Photojojo »Make Your Own 3D Camera for $ 15 or Less

Binocular disparityBy using stereoscopic viewing by the left eye and the right eye It is the stereograph that the picture which is a plane appears to have depth three-dimensionally by looking at the photograph taken from two points apart from the left and right eyes. From the late nineteenth century it became popular with the device called "stereoscope" (glasses)Scenic spotsAnd pinhole girls were photographed and sold.

From the site below you can see many stereographs taken in North Carolina in the late nineteenth century.
North Carolina Collection - P43: Stereograph Collection

Toys that appeared in 1939View MasterThe same principle. You can also easily shoot stereographsStereo cameraMany have also been released.

Photo by ricksoloway

Let's make a stereo camera with 1 minute DIY at once. What to prepare is:

· Disposable camera (film with lens) 2 pieces
· Duct tape (cloth gummedap is also acceptable)
· Scissors (optional)

How to make

1:Make one camera upside down and arrange them so that the lenses are as close as possible (as the position of the lens is often on the left or right side of the camera). Align the height of the lens.

2:Fasten the tape with a tape so as not to block the shutter and the winder.

3:Let's go out and take a picture. It is a point to press two shutters at the same time.

Four:Let's enjoy it comfortably in mind that it is not possible to get a professional finish.

How to view stereoscopic photos (1)

Arrange the developed pictures and cross the line of sight until the two pictures appear to be three. Let's concentrate on the middle photo until you see three, until you see it three-dimensional. If the near view and the distant view look reverse, it seems good to swap the left and right pictures.

How to view stereoscopic photos (2)

Scan the developed photos and save them as GIF etc. as an animation looping two frames at intervals of about 0.1 second. Although it is a difficult point to look like shaking with the graffiti like an earthquake, even people who do not know the knack can easily see in three dimensions.

You can also see various "graffiti" 3D photos from the following sites.

Lenticulations - animated 3D bullet time photos

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