How to make instruments to easily fold T-shirts beautifully

When folding a T-shirt etc., even if you think that you want to fold up beautifully as it is placed in a shop, you may not be able to fight well, or may be troublesome and sloppy.

For such a time, I will show you how to make a tool to fold T - shirts beautifully with one cardboard. Economically, it costs almost no money, because it can be made very easily. Moreover, it seems that the value of use seems to be high because it seems that it can be used not only for T - shirts but also for shirts etc. It seems very useful for those living alone.

The way to make it is as follows.
What to prepare is cardboard, cutter knife and gum tape. It is convenient to have a felt pen for marking.

First of all I will cut cardboard into three parts. The first is 2 sheets of width 25 cm, length 75 cm.

The second part. One piece with a horizontal width of 35 cm and a vertical width of 72 cm.

The third part. One piece with a horizontal width of 25 cm and a vertical width of 36 cm.

We cut pasted parts with gum tape.

Paste it with this feeling as shown in the figure.


Place a T - shirt.

Bend left and right cardboard inward, fold left and right.

Then bend from the bottom ...

It makes me feel like this.

You can see how to make it with a movie from the following.
YouTube - How an Engineer folds a T - Shirt

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