A 15-year-old boy made windmills with scraps and succeeded in generating self-generated electricity

A weak crown 15 year old boy made a windmill by himself and succeeded in drawing electricity to his house. I do not know how much electricity can be covered by this, but it seems that the interior lights etc are covered.

Details are as follows.
William Kamkwamba's Malawi Windmill Blog

this isMalawiWilliam Kamkwamba you live in, and the height of the windmill was only 5 meters at the beginning, but it was improved to 12 meters.

A windmill when it was 5 m high.

Attach a bicycle to the windmill and turn its turning power into electricity.

Lay the electric wire to the house.

I also do the wiring of the room by myself.

And the light turned on.

On his Flickr page there are pictures of various difficulties.

Flickr: Photos from williamkamkwamba

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