Effective utilization of limited space, transformable apartment where all walls are movable

If you live in a room that is not very wide, or if there are a lot of people living together, you can not live comfortably without arranging the furniture as efficiently as possible and effectively utilizing the space. However, since the kitchen and bath are fixed, they will take some space and sleeping space as much as possible ....

A room that realized such a wish has appeared in an apartment in Hong Kong. This room that I made it by oneself, I certainly feel comfortable when I get used to it.

Details are as below.
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A certain apartment in Hong Kong ......

There is a room where a tremendous secret is hidden here.

Resident of the room, Gary Chang. I am studying architecture and this room was all renovated by oneself.

Even when looking from the outside, the atmosphere differs subtly from the surrounding houses.

Mr. Chang who lived with her parents and sisters in this room since moving to 14 years old. Once living in the living room which was in a corridor state, I have pursued my own room from about 1989 when my parents left home.

Mr. Chang does not move inside the house now, the house is in a state to move according to Chang.

As you can see, the bookshelf on the wall can be moved.

As a mechanism, a rail is laid on the ceiling, and moves along it. In addition, wheels are attached to the floor side.

It looks very wide, but the ceiling has a mirror.

I pulled out the bookshelf ... ...

Storage shelf appeared from behind.

The shelf was also movable, and from the back a bath appeared.

There is a retractable bed (like a thing) above the bath. Because there are other beds that Ms. Chang regularly uses, this may be for guests or something.

This is Chang 's bed.

It has become a flip-up type, sofa appears from the bottom of the bed.

This is TV viewing style.

The kitchen is hidden behind the TV.

Overall the room looks like an orange, but this is because the windows are colored. Mr. Chang has changed to a wider window as much as possible so that it is not necessary to turn on electricity inside the room.

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