Performing screening screening with animation "Hetalia Axis powers" decided to stop broadcasting, animate

Just the other day,Broadcast discontinuation at the Kids Station due to various circumstancesAnimationHetalia Axis powers"but,AnimateA store screen screening will be held at the "Hetalia" corner set up at the shop front.

Details are as below.
Annime screening held at nationwide animated store shop! It is!

"Hetalia" store screen screening! In animate

The screening will be held on Saturdays and Sundays on Saturdays and Sundays, January 24th (Saturday) and 25th (Sunday) and will be shown one episode a week from the following week. The screening time is 3 times a day at 12 o'clock, 14 o'clock, and 16 o'clock, and the locations are animation store nationwide (excluding the Tokushima store).

Just at the animate, as a "Cometics Hetalia World Tour 2008 - Currency Integration -" in accordance with the release of the second volume of the original until January 12, a fair was held to present Hetaria notes every 1000 yen of reservation / purchase of hetalia related products Hetalia fans are going to visit Animate again because it was.

Although the schedule until the fourth episode is shown only in the screening, will it be done properly until 26 episodes?

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