Seven techniques that give a good impression to your opponent in business

The most important thing in doing business is to know about yourself and the contents of your business with others. However, even if it is tried to do a big advertisement or publicity for that purpose, there are many cases where budgetary constraints or such advertising methods do not work well. Especially in the case of individual business owner or the like, it seems that there are a lot of occasions that they often get work by making full use of old-fashioned personal connections and reputation of reviews. Even if you use internet services that can recruit work widely on the net, we will follow reviews and ratings in the same way. Therefore, it is very important to give so-called "good impression" to the opponent, and conversely speaking, if you use a little technique, there is a possibility of bringing great merit and profit at very low cost.

That's why American famous business magazine "Business week"Introduced on the site of"Seven techniques that give a good impression to your opponent in business"Let's look at.

Details are as below.
Rules for Making a Good Impression - BusinessWeek

■ Rule 1: Reply within 24 hours

According to the experience the author encountered while writing the next book, the people who operate the most successful company were the same as those who responded most quickly. When the author left a recording message or sent an e-mail to them, they said that they reply immediately, whether they are offices or travel destinations. For example, a woman is monitoring 5000 employees and policy is to reply by email within 24 hours. According to what she says, her reactions are going to be reflected as an example by employees. If she quickly answers the employee's question, it seems that in the end it will understand the importance of quickly replying to the customer.

■ Rule 2: Eagerly welcome

When a customer or employee calls and you answer, it implies that you have time to talk. There are too many people in the multitask state during the phone, and while answering the questions, I often do other work in the background. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to your customers and employees, you need to listen carefully and inform yourself of the willingness to welcome. If it seems to be inconvenient in time, it is also a good way to do it later.

■ Rule 3: Do eye contact

When you talk with customers and employees, let's see your partner with your eyes properly. Let's not imitate imitating keeping watching the mobile phone screen during a conversation. If you pay close attention to your opponent, you can feel that their views and insights are properly evaluated.

■ Rule 4: to leave a message wisely for answering machine

First of all, talk long and casually, and do not leave a message message saying your phone number at the end. Let's keep it simple and to the point. Let's tell you your name, the date and time you called, and the phone number first. Then repeat the phone number slowly and finally OK.

■ Rule # 5: Let's pay tribute when taking contacts

As a conclusion of the conference recently talked about, attendees began to complain, as participants only told invitations to the contacts of the business cards picked up at the booth by the participants He said that. If someone gave me a business card, it is only an invitation to start a conversation. It is not a permission to sneak out sending it constantly as a "newsletter" as if bombing by e-mail. Also, it is not an invitation to send a 10 MB file explaining what kind of business you are doing.

■ Rule # 6: Let's pay attention to your e-mail

As for e-mails, let's keep the content concise. Time is limited. Make the subject a combination of the minimum necessary words that attract the reader's attention and make related information in the first line to the second line of the body follow one or two short paragraphs Let's see. Do not forget to use more appropriate punctuation and grammar. Also be careful with misspellings.

■ Rule # 7: Have the other party remember with a handwritten letter

When was the last time you received a handwritten letter etc? According to the author, after having talked with the chief executive of the well-known franchise chain, he was surprised to receive an envelope containing several coupons and short handwritten Thank You Mel about his item. Although the coupon was a small amount, this act leaves a big impression on the author. After all the handwritten warmth seems to give a good impression.

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