The 1st story of "Tower of Druaga ~ the Sword of URUK ~" is the story of Jill's role KENN dubbed the line that the user posted as raw dubbed

In an early area, it is finally starting from 25:30 on January 8 (Friday)Tower of Druaga ~ the Sword of URUK ~"The first episode of" The Tower of Gilgames "was performed, but Simultaneous broadcasting was performed as a sideways talk at GyaO at the same time. Until shortly before that content was not disclosed,GyaO JockeyIt was revealed that KENN's role as a girl role will be performed in "Tower of Druaga ~ the Chat of URUK II ~". Also, MC of the same program Mr. Chiaki Kiyatake and Mr. Dry Nako will also challenge daily after-recording.

In raw dubbing, we also saw a unique attempt by live broadcast that KENN actually said that the dialogue was recruited for the viewers of the program to say.

Details are as below.
Mr. KENN serving as Jill. While I was talking in the show, I was showing smiles and others, but the atmosphere changed dramatically when it became a stage of post-record.

Two of MC also challenged Mr. Dryuko and Chiaki Kiyatake. In fact it was conditional to win Masanobu Endo in the game "Druaga's Tower" but was defeated in the confrontation, Fatina's serif which was also used in the DVD advertisement of the first phase of animation "rime え ぇ ぇ ぇ ぇ ぇ ぇ ぇ ぇ ぇ ぇ ぇI got the right after record by telling ~.

Episode 1, Tower of Gilgames. The contents are the same this time, and Jill 's dialogue has been posted only by some users.

Mr. Dry and Mr. Kiyatake had done their jobs in a safe manner.

User posted serif 1, really changed to "tomato juice" was changed to "it's a juice." What kind of juice is it ......?

User posted serif 2, Fatina and Jill go to see "Captain Morrow vs Black Tiger Great Battle of the Century" is "Great vibe Yokyu Great Battle of the Century". "Kyanchi" is Mr. Kiyatake's, "Yukyu" is the nickname of Mr. Dry.

A little laughter happens about the above lines during CM. Mr. Endo of Supervisor and Hashimoto Producer of Gonzo Rosso are watching behind.

Opening the CM, Jill replacing Jill's "I'm still playing" dialogue escaping with Kai changed to "I'm still drinking."

Mr. KENN was dignified like a protagonist, and he performed acts that were comparable even if compared with the main part.

Incidentally, the gift from the show was the CD of the net radio "Touch !! Druaga" and the "Fatina rummie ぇ ぇ ぇ ぇ ぇ ぇ ぇ ~" which Dr. Dry liked about during the show was the cover of the pillow.

OP has become considerably haunted contents again this time, it is a must-see.

"The Tower of Druaga ~ the Sword of URUK ~" DVD The 1st Palace was released on March 27 with a bonus such as "Horizontal 1 story" which was broadcast this time.

Karaoke UGAThe opening song of the first period of animation "Tower of Druaga ~ the Aegis of URUK ~", Muramasa ☆ "SWINGING" is being delivered with animation video. The opening of this term, Yu Nakamura's "Questions?" Will also be delivered with a video from February.

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