In the commemoration of the "Tower of Druaga ~ the Sword of URUK ~", the first phase is broadcast all over the story with Nico Nico live broadcasting, GyaO broadcasts "Horizontal 1 talk" broadcast

The sequel to the TV animation "Druaga Tower ~ the Aegis of URUK ~" broadcasted in April 2008, the "Tower of Druaga ~ the Sword of URUK ~" will start broadcasting from January 2009, but commemorating the commencement It was revealed that various special projects will be held on January 8 when the first time is broadcast at the fastest speed.

The plan is "Night of Druaga's Tower ~ the Aegis of URUK ~" in the live broadcast of Nico Nico "All the story live broadcast", "Special tournament" Dolaga's tower ~ the Chat of URUK II ~ "at GyaO & net radio" Touch listen! Druaga " Live broadcast "," This time (!?) "Horizontal 1 episode" is a simultaneous broadcast with GyaO !! "It has become three pieces.

Details are as below.
Tower of Druaga ~ the Aegis of URUK ~ & ~ the Sword of URUK ~

TV animation "Tower of Druaga ~ the Sword of URUK ~" Broadcast commemoration commemoration
Special projects are held from the evening of 1/8 (Thu)'s first animation broadcast day! It is! Next time (!?) "Horizontal 1 story" is broadcast at the same time on GyaO the same day! It is!

The first of special projectsNico Nico Live Broadcasting"Tower of Druaga ~ the Aegis of URUK ~" to broadcast all 12 episodes at once. It opened at 18:20 on January 8 (Thursday) and started from 18:30. The end is scheduled at 24 o'clock.

From 24 o'clock, it will be connected to the second round of the project,GyaO JockeyIn addition to carrying out the live broadcast "Tower of Druaga ~ the Chat of URUK II ~", it is a live broadcast of the net radio "tower !! Druaga". The program is a special live broadcast that allows live chat, MC is Nakano Ruby Women's Sisters' Kiyatake Chiaki and Daisuko, cast is Jin role KENN, supervisor Masanobu Endo, producer Tashimi Hashimoto. The end time here is 25:30.

And from 25:30, the first episode of the main volume "Tower of Druaga ~ the Sword of URUK ~" is broadcast at the fastest in Terebot, KBS Kyoto, and "Horizontal 1 episode" will be broadcasted at GyaO at the same time. The contents are completely unknown here. In the first stage, although Jill, who was stunned by Table 1 talk, broadcasted the story that he had unfolded within the delusion as the back story, "sideways" means things will progress at the same time as in drama "24" Will it be in shape?

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