Powerful opening with maca and guarana formulation, "Ashi drink" Dodecamine Black 2.0 "tasting review

New dodecamine series "Dodecamine BLACK 2.0" from Asahi Beverage has been released since December 9 (Tue), so I went searching for it. Calorie-off carbonated beverages, with guarana and maca being mixed, it seems that power seems to come out somehow.

Details are as below.
Dodecamine BLACK 2.0

"Power full opening !! Dodecamen Black 2.0", the price was 147 yen.

When I look at the raw materials, I have various amino acids.

Caffeine is 10 mg twice as much as the usual product of Asahi drink.

I poured it into a glass. If it looks just like it looks like a cola.

It has a taste like mixed sweetness and sourness, which may be the taste of sweetener, but slightly subtle that the strange sweetness comes out later ... .... I wish it was a refreshing refreshing finish a bit more. The person of "the power full opening !!" was not able to feel so much. Because I was told other editorial staff to drink "I feel like I'm feeling somewhat energetic", so some people may be fine.

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