Willingness of creation may improve with surreal office chairs

Austrian industrial designerDavid PompaIt seems that he designed the office furniture series titled "Surre Minimalism".

The figure sitting downSki Jump PairIt seems like something like, but will creative ideas come along?

Details are as below.

Surreal Minimalism Chairs | Feedeex

"The current consumer society is now an era of designing one table and one chair, not an era (it is an era of designing a unique experience (of those using the table or chair)" David Pompa Born in Austria in 1986.GLOBO CompanyLighting fixtures series "Alice"Designed for such as the design.

These furniture named "surre minimalism". Although it seems that it seems to be directed to lounge rather than office, it seems to respond to the psychological and physical needs of people in the office environment. Is it that only ideas that tend to be found in the common office environment are known?

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