Camouflage human beings in mass stocks in IKEA

Furniture shop "IKEA" where products are placed in mountains like warehouses. There is a camouflage human being photographed that is amazingly blended in the store and hiding the figure. Can you tell camouflage?

Details are as below.

Taiki shop department.

Did you find it?

As if the platform wiped out.

Camouflage human beings like this.

Just crouch in front of the product can melt in.

Sleeping may be suspicious as expected.

The royal road of camouflage, cardboard.

It is pretty straightforward as it is irregular.

If you are in the center you can see just the fact that garbage is loaded.

It seems to be impressive if you are moving in this form.

A yellow bag that can be said as a feature of IKEA. It seems to me that the guests are messed up ... ....

There are people inside.

This is doubtful.

It attracts attention.

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