DM of a design that is so nice to buy IKEA's furniture in spite of

It is rushlessly thrust into a mailbox etcdirect mailIn the bunch of (DM), there are cases sometimes showing a very cool idea, but among them the design boasts a degree of completeness that makes me feel like IKEA likeness and IKEA to buy furniture.

Ikea Flat Pack Direct Mailer on the Behance Network

The appearance when thrusting from under the door looks something like this, there is a box feeling of IKEA indeed in the pastLetter received from IKEAIt was like this)

Taking it in hand and opening it ......

A wonderful room pops up!

It is possible to appeal with fusion of IKEA's simple assembly of furniture and design

In addition to the message from IKEA in the lower right corner, each piece of furniture that jumped out is also printed relatively finely, so it has enough power to make me feel like I'd like to have this room.

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